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2 min readNov 23, 2018


People say the language you say would bring in a different culture so after three years and 4 months later in London as a Taiwanese, now back in Taiwan. I have come to this point of questioning myself, who am I and what culture should I believe.

I don’t want to make a list of all the cultural differences between UK and Taiwan but I’d like to point out and document this period of my life how I learned to cope with it and finally full in love with it.

The Time in the UK is precious because my time there is limited. Human beings number one ugly truth, we want the things we can have. So in order to grab every single bit of moment, I would enhance that experience. The way how I did it and the shit I have learned:

  1. Say Yes to the things I haven’t done before, at least I would give it a think.
  2. Try to have a meaningful conversation with every single person and yes even with the person I don’t like sometimes.
  3. No need to fit in and embrace that mistakes and awkwardness.
  4. Every single human being is a special existence, realizing that helps us live a much happier life. And surrounded by many different nationalities and cultural backgrounds make us aware of that soon enough.
  5. Respect different opinions but also not afraid of telling my own point of view. Speak up.

Every day in the dining table my flatmates and I would have lots of conversation about our differences from food to the political point of view; with the company, I worked for it’s even more cause I would experience myself how we actually did things differently.

There are many scenarios I have embraced myself, mostly with language barriers, I could turn the table by making a joke about it just try not to make the same stupid mistakes ever again. The whole process of learning a new perspective or transmitting of my influences bring a big sense of achievement. Plus embrace most of the opportunities to meet people let me make lots of new good friends.

The beliefs have already been massively shaped and this old environment that I used to be familiar with is no longer the same. But I want to carry on with the same energy when I was in the UK and learn every day in Taiwan as well. The only way is to apply the same method for me again.



Artist Notes

Hi 我是Yali,專長攏溜連,嘔噁寫寫人生不務正業小事。Hi I’m Yali sometimes I write about my Soho life and how I draw outside of the lines.