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3 min readFeb 4, 2019


New year, new job and a new challenge.

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It's not exactly how I planned for the work that I settle for this coming year- a brand strategist. I am always emphasizing on the visual side since that is a big department that drawn me in. However, I didn’t realize in the big scale of the project that the research and analyze department could take a crucial part of the process and need people to specialize in. I mean I knew but now I KNOW.

So this year the challenge for me is to learn how to be a brand planner and strategist! I have to sneak into the professionals head and think what they think and see what they see. So here are some little info I get so far from my colleagues, hope six months from now I would be able to see my progress. And maybe come back to document more challenges.

The first habit to adopt is to observe each business wheater it’s a café place or a fish market. Analyze what makes it packed of people or the other way around. What makes it so successful? Do they have an awesome product or because they target the right market? To train my brain to think like the owner.

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The second would be the old fashioned way, reading the articles of the relative industry. Keep the know how alive. I need to get used to the way to update my knowledge, enhance my database. So then I would be able to use the right terms or vocabulary to communicate. Also, it’s important to know about the know influential, trendy brands on the market in order to keep up the waves. Here are some trend in food industry in China since its our prime market.



The website is a really easy way to collect real-time information but books could really provide real in-depth from the professionals.

The third is to focus more on the culture, politic status, science and economic situations all about the world we are living in right now, to be short is to learn about human more. Since each of the decision is made for bettering people’s life one way or the other.

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Its a really interesting task of the year hope I would be able to make most of it.



Artist Notes

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